Sadly, I am back. Anyway, welcome back to another one of my blogs. I hope you’re all doing well under all these terrifying conditions going on right now during lockdown. Okay, so before we get into the topic of today, I just want to briefly go over one thing. If you’ve been keeping up with the news daily or recently, you know that a lot of stores and businesses are actually starting to open and run again. My opinion on this? I honestly don’t know. 


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There are a lot of contradictions regarding this topic. I’m going to be honest, in my opinion, a lot of people in the US aren’t very smart with the protesting and stuff. Okay, before this turns into a rant, let me be clear. A lot of people have opened their stores again and for me, it’s not very smart. I’m pretty sure the numbers of confirmed cases aren’t dying down soon. Well, besides China and Korea. They’re actually being really smart about this. But, still. Let me know what your opinion on this whole ‘lifting lockdown stores’ case. 

Anywayyyy, let’s get back on the actual topic. I’ve wasted a lot of time there. Sorry about that. Today’s topic in lockdown is movies. This is actually a lot like the anime blog I posted the other week. Where I just talk about what type of anime shows you should watch while in lockdown. But, this time it’s about movies. I’ll be going over the same type of genres and that stuff that I covered before. 


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 I know a lot of you guys miss watching movies with your friends and just having a really fun time, trust me. I do too. But, for now let’s just stick to ourselves. Be like Umaru-chan. Watch movies close up to your face in the dark. Okay don’t do that. Even though I do. Don’t, you’ll damage your eyes harshly. So yeah, if you’re bored and just finished all your homework or chores. And you happen to have an hour or two to spare, I suggest grabbing some popcorn and watching a movie. 

Since we’re stuck at home, we need lots of entertainment. Something came to mind when I actually thought new movies were being made. I’m not very smart when I don’t think at first. Studios of course are shut down and the actors and the crew can’t be near each other because of social distancing. Again, I’m not very smart. I do believe that some movies are actually airing soon I believe. Youtube and creators who just work at home are at their best right now.

Let’s talk about the types of movies you should be watching. Sometimes you have a lot of spare time like a lot of us do at home. You could binge watch many movies at a time. Yesterday I watched all the Marvel Avengers movies and it was amazing. The day ended quickly. That’s also another thing I’d like to bring up. If you want the days to go by quicker, watch movies. I don’t suggest just watching movies forever until quarantine is over, but you know what I mean.

You could watch movies that relate to what’s happening right now. You could watch comedy movies. Those are always nice to watch. Watch action movies. Just stay entertained and keep yourself in positive state. I didn’t really talk about the topic on point today, sorry. But, movies really do help with keeping you entertained. I’ll take my leave, stay safe, stay clean!