Now this is definitely not a topic that I’m used to writing about. But, it is a topic that I very much enjoy alongside anime. This is a similar blog to last week’s, just about video games. There are a lot of games I recommend right now, especially under quarantine. Lemme just go over the games and types of games you should play to keep yourself from being bored at home. 

But, of course keep in mind that a lot of jobs have closed. So, if you or family are having some issues, make sure you think about that first. I’m in that position as well, so I had to force everything out of my wallet to get this one game. I adore it so much and I’m grateful that I even had enough to pick it up. 


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(Why do I feel like this is a lot of you at home?)

Anyway, since I play minecraft sometimes, I usually play with friends. I also play minecraft because it’s one of those games where you can be addicted and play for hours. It may only seem like a block game to everyone but, it’s so much more than that. Believe or not, but I’m an og player and it’s been with me for a while. So, lots of love to Notch for making an amazing game. And I suggest you guys play it if you happen to have it lying around and haven’t touched it in a while.

On the topic of addictive type games, we all know everyone is playing a certain animal game on the nintendo switch. I know I just started playing it like three days ago, don’t judge me. I’m really late. Animal Crossing is such a clever game. You would never be bored, it makes you want to play more. It doesn’t take the fun away at all. If you make buildings, you have to wait til the next day, so that you’d be excited for tomorrow and would log on.

I love the game, I didn’t get to log on yet today though. Mainly, because of all the homework and yeah. But, Animal crossing is a good game to get into if you haven’t already. If you have nothing to do, you should play it. Go to your friends’ islands and hit them with nets. Make the creepiest character looks and steal all their fish. It’s adorable and so stressful at the same time. Everyone is saying it’s the most relaxing game. LIES! This game is not relaxing but, I love it.


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Okay, addictive games that you can play with your friends, check. Just like the anime, I suggest playing games that also have a long story. Games where it feels like it’d never end. Games with a lot of plot twists and perspectives to play from. Speaking of anime, you should also think about playing anime games. Video games where it goes along with the story line and you can play as the characters. Much like the Attack On Titan game. But, I may say that it will get boring after quite a while. Was fun though. 

Alright, this is where I take my leave. I basically post every week now, mainly every Friday. So yeah. I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that in the last blog. Okay, stay safe, stay clean. I gotta go do my math homework. Bye! 🙂