Okay, here we go again with another review. While I was watching Black Clover, I have also stumbled upon this beautiful anime, called, Your Lie In April. Honestly even that name gives me the chills. I love this anime and everything about it.

The animation, music, and characters just give off this beautiful vibe. I just can’t help but go uwu-

Uhm anyway, the way that Kaori plays the violin and Arima plays the piano is so mesmerizing to listen to. They just work so well together, especially knowing the relationship between the two adds so much more to the story.

Even though Watari and Sawabe play sports, they still have their own story that adds to Kaori and Arima. Overall this anime was very heartbreaking in the end, but it was still very beautiful.

If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, I HIGHLY suggest that you do. This anime will give you the feels, I promise. 🙂