(Oof, it’s been a while, hello. I don’t really do blogs anymore because uh..yeah. I’ve mainly just been posting stories on wattpad, because I’ve found my love for writing. But here I am, bringing another review.)

Black clover is something that I’ve recently watched and I’ve fallen in love with it. Even though it receives a lot of black flash, I still support it and love how the plot is written. And don’t even get me started on Asta’s screaming-

Anyway, I’ve come to get over all its animation mistakes and flaws. Honestly, I can’t really say anything about it because I can’t draw at all. My favorite characters are torn between, Luck Voltia, William Vangeance, and Leopold Vermillion.

I know that many people have given up watching this show, but I promise you that everything gets better later in the show. Even though it has a very common story line, it’s an overall good anime. You just have to give it a chance.

The fight scenes are pretty good to me, a lot of flashbacks, but I don’t mind. I love how different and diverse all the characters are. Also, for all the Black Clover fans out there, am I the only one who wants more merch from this show?

Okay that’s pretty much it for this review, if you haven’t watched this anime and like Fairy Tail or anime’s like that, check it out. And for those who’ve put this anime aside, give it a chance and hang in there. Aight, cya!