This was the best episode so far in season 3! Levi showed emotion in this episode, he made a promise with Erwin and the scouts and he kept it to heart! He went all out on the beast titan he was too fast for the beast titan to harden their nape! Levi was smart with his sword skills, he went for the most effective parts.

I am just triggered because the carrying titan basically saved the beast titan shifter, which I can’t say the name of. It was a really brutal and violent but yet really epic fight scene. Speaking of this episode, I really liked how Mikasa did the last hit on the armored titan. I also want to speak of how Eren finally got the colossal titan by the nape, that made me so happy and I loved how silent it got at that one scene.

Cool episode, will remember and talk about it about for a while, thanks for reading this blog, see ya next time!

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