Harem is an anime genre. Harems are when a bunch of girls like one single male, and the male basically has to choose somebody to be with in the end. Of course it could always be the other way around, with a bunch of boys liking one girl. I’ve only watched one of these. (Nisekoi) For my first harem it made me collect some of the manga, I would buy all of them if I could, but I don’t have any room. Harems excite me because there are a lot of ships and everyone has their own ship in the anime. Each ship has their own cute moment in the anime that shows a lot, which makes it even harder to choose.

My favorite thing about a harem is that there’s a lot of comedy. I don’t know for sure of all harems have comedy, some of them could just be serious and straight-forward so I could be wrong, forgive me if I made a mistake. I’ve also watched some scenes of another harem anime. (To Love Ru) But don’t expect me to actually watch the anime and do a review on it, because I’m not going to watch it anytime soon. Another thing that I like is that every individual girl or boy that likes the main character, all have different personalities. Each of them stand out in different ways which also makes it hard.

Usually there’s a tsundere, somebody that’s obsessed and not afraid to show their feelings, somebody who is really sweet and shy which the main character usually likes, and much much more. These are just the main ones that I’ve seen often. So yeah, see ya later and let me know what you think of harems!

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(Please let me know which anime this is, this anime looks like an interesting harem.)