So in the newest episodes, you know that Natsu and Gray have been going at it. Natsu wants to kill Zeref because he thinks that Lucy is dead, Gray wants to kill E.N.D because he thinks that Juvia is dead. Honestly when they were fighting, it was like they were both on the same strength power level which isn’t right. Natsu is stronger. What I didn’t expect was for Erza to stop them and catch their fists at the last hits. But the episode had to end on that of course, because yeah. That was such a beautiful looking scene. I can finally talk about this without spoiling anything because of the manga.

Okay fine, I’ll mention Macarov’s ‘death’. That was pretty sad, Mavis was really sad. Yeah, Erza was crying when she stopped Natsu and Gray which made them pretty shocked because they hate seeing her shed tears. Alright, that’s my take on this small topic, Bye guys! #Gruvia and Nalu

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