Ohhhh, another beautiful slice of life anime. I was scrolling through the anime list on Hulu the other day and I saw K-ON. Another one of my favorite youtubers said that this was a good anime, and I watched it. I didn’t finish it yet, I’m still in the middle of season 2, but I pretty much know everyone already. This anime is really adorable and I don’t usually say that about anime’s. My favorite band member of the light music club, is Mio.

Mio is so adorable and so pretty. In m opinion she’s prettier than Sawako, I know you guys think I’m wrong but you know. I do adore Yui though, she’s probably the cutest one in the club. I just love all the characters, they all shine in their own ways with their instruments. One day maybe I’ll learn how to play a real instrument, but I can’t even play a recorder so, instruments aren’t my thing. Okay bye!

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