Okay I don’t care, I’m just going talk about it because I can’t help it! Okay this is an amazing anime for the main character to be unstoppable and overpowered. This anime just showed me that an anime that has an overpowered character could be a good anime and could be a loveable anime. Saitama is so strong that it’s not a plot armor, he’s just that strong.

This anime taught me a lot and I love how Saitama is so powerful and honest. He’s a true hero. I like the fact that he’d make people hate him just so that everybody gets credit! I find that very heartwarming and heroic of him.

Can I just say that Tornado being Blizzard’s older sister doesn’t make sense? Please don’t say that I’m the only person who thinks that. Tornado is literally a little kid, she’s smaller than child emperor. There’s also something else I wonder about and that is the fact why, he’s bald. Apparently he trained so hard that he went bald? I- Okay, I’ll just go with it, I won’t ask questions even though I just did. Let me know how you feel about this, bye!

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