Okay another blog on this topic, I’m sorry. I just wanted to say that so far the episodes are literally teasing us but at the same time. There’s a lot going on, so if you haven’t watched these episodes yet, I suggest you click off and go watch them. I can’t recall if they’ve mentioned how Marco died from the past seasons or episodes, but in the newest episode they show the whole scene. If Marco didn’t die or didn’t talk to them when he heard them, then I bet he would’ve been a great soldier in the Survey corps and life for them would be much easier.

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Also you probably noticed that Annie really didn’t want to take off Marco’s ODM gear, she had a whole lot of hesitation and fear, she was crying. Obviously Annie has this side that we didn’t know about, but you probably already know about that. Okay so let’s just not talk about one episode, let’s move on. Thunder spears, a powerful effective yet dangerous bomb weapon that was found useful against the armored titan. I think it’s a very clever idea, well of course it is because Hange invented it.

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Next let’s talk about Erwin’s straight forward demand to Levi. He told Levi to go kill the beast titan, I have read the manga and I know what happens, but I’ll talk about it once the anime catches up to it. So take that as a note, I will not talk about future scenes for the anime that came out in the manga. Those are the main highlights for the episodes so far well at least from what I can remember. I’ll talk about the other episodes some other time maybe.

Also I just wanted to say that if I continue blog posts until season four of mha, then I’ll do a blog about each episode every week. But of course that depends on I still continue these blog posts of course. Okay goodbye for now! 🙂