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Transportation is important, it’s how we get around where we need to be. Mainly people would travel into the huge cities, I personally love cities, I grew up in one like a lot of other people did. Cities are important, they could be the capitals of an important place. Cities take up a lot of energy, time, space, and it also requires a lot of attention to detail. There’s a lot of huge impacts from cities on the environment, but I’ll focus on one for right now. The topic I’m focusing on is, the transportation, since it plays a huge role in cities. So the problem is that transportation takes up a lot of gas and fuel, which goes up in the air. Gas isn’t something that you wouldn’t want to smell, it’s bad for our lungs.

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Transportation such as buses, cars, and other types that has to do with gas, is a bad chemical for us to breathe in and go in our lungs. Cars and such are also very expensive, even if you already own one, it takes a lot of money to keep it in a good condition, for example the prices for gas is rising as we speak. If we continue the route of creating more high tech transportation sources, it’ll make us more fat and lazy, which could stop us from taking care of our environment. Small innocent animals also end up getting ran over by transportation sometimes.

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 What could we do to prevent this?

Usually I see my family just run over animals in the way or don’t respect the environment at all and I do nothing to stop it. Okay, enough about my family, I’m just trying to say that some people in the world don’t care which makes me really mad/        Firstly we could try to convince others that we shouldn’t use that much transportation, it hurts everyone and everything around us more then we think, then we could go from there. So let’s work together to make this world a better place without transportation, stop being lazy America.


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