Hello, for this quick little blog I’m going to just talk about genre’s in anime’s and what I’m into. I’m into anime’s with comedy, action, drama, and slice of life types.

Comedy and action can easily equal into my top 5 favorite anime’s, that’s why fairy tail is really high up on my list, it involves those two. I really like drama because it makes me want to know more and really think about who’s involved and such.

I’m a person who really likes gory anime’s with a lot of action and intense feelings. By intense feelings, I mean going deep into a character’s emotions and backstory and that stuff. Intense can mean a lot of things, I like all the meanings especially in anime. Comedy makes me laugh and want to hear more and see more of the things that are entertaining, that’s why I like it so much.

That’s my little rant on anime genre’s nothing special, just talking about my opinion and types. I’m also very curious to know what you are your guys’ ideas on anime, let me know what are your favorite genres’ that make you like certain types’ of anime’s. Catch you guys in my next blog.