So, I’ve seen a lot of these and let’s just say that… I’m not a fan nor hater. So basically, if you’ve seen a few of these you would either say, wow or say this is trash. I’m going to be completely honest with this topic because it’s something that almost every anime fan talks about.

So I’m not going to name any of these movies or anime’s because I don’t feel like it. All I can say is that with live action it’s very different and easily changes my vibes of the anime. I can say wow, this is amazing to the props and background. But I have to say ehh, to how they change the plot and characters a bit. Sometimes the actors are out of character or not really the best.

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They always change something important for such a small detail that it triggers me. It really changes how I feel about the anime itself. So yeah, that’s how I feel about live action movies, of course I’m not saying they’re horrible or amazing just giving my quick opinion. So yeah, catch you guys in my next blog!