Does Eren really hate Mikasa? (Spoilers from the manga)

So chapter 112 has some stuff in it that got fans crazy, mad, or happy. But it made me angry and sad personally because Eren said that he’s always hated Mikasa and called  her a slave. That triggered me so hard, but I think that he doesn’t hate her. Here’s why, Eren has done so many things for Mikasa that shows how much he cares for her. He’s defended her in court of being a monster, he’s saved her life and wrapped that scarf around her, he welcomed her into their home, (well mostly Grisha did but..) after she ‘confessed’ he said that he’d wrap that scarf around her as much as she’d like. The list could go on and on but I’m not here to point out every single time Eren’s done something nice for her. If you want a deeper meaning on Eren’s feelings then go check out my first theory on if he likes her or not.

We get it, Eren cares but then why would he say that?

Well I think that Eren has his mind all mixed up at the moment on what’s happening and yeah I don’t know the full details because I’m not actually reading what’s happening in the more recent manga chapters. I scan through important parts of it, but I’m not going to go into detail with that. If Eren doesn’t have his mind all mixed up, then Armin had every right to attack him. That’s it for this theory, not much into it just wanted my thoughts out there.

Also I have an announcement, I have created a book on wattpad or a book in progress but I won’t give you the full details on that yet, I’ll probably tell you the rest of the details in a different blog. Oh another announcement! I have started and is almost done with a new anime series I’ve been watching. Stay tooned to find out what that series is and expect content on it! Peace!