I haven’t really talked about any movies in any of these blogs. Probably because I haven’t really watched any anime movies so yeah. But I have watched this movie, A Silent Voice also known as Koe no Katachi. Since this is a movie I will probably end up breaking down on it a bit more. So this will contain SPOILERS from the movie so be aware of that. I’ll just break down what this movie is about instead of what happened in this movie. It’s about this boy named Shoya Ishida and this girl named Shouko Nishimiya. Shouko is a deaf girl and when Shoya and Shouko were in Elementary school together, Shoya bullied Shouko for being deaf. Shouko is a nice girl even though she is deaf and being bullied, these two meet up and Shoya tries to redeem himself from their past in Elementary School. So that’s the summary.

Now my thoughts on it.

I love this movie, this is honestly one of my favorites movies ever. This movie had beautiful art and a beautiful story. It was sad, it was adorable, it was emotional, and it was amazing. The first time I watched this I actually cried. (Please don’t judge me) This was a really emotional and sad movie for me. That’s why I like it. You can call me weird but, I am a fan of sad stories like these. Mainly because it makes a lot of sense if you think about. It has many things that you don’t expect to happen. The emotion in this movie takes it to another level. I promise you that if you haven’t or aren’t planning on watching this then you’re missing out on a great story.

So that’s it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed my little rant on this movie. It was really fun to talk about it and I’ll see you guys next time.