Where did Light Yagami go after Ryuk killed him?

       We all know that Light ended up dying in the end of the season, because Ryuk killed him with his death note. And we know that if Light were to die, he wouldn’t go to heaven or hell. Sooooooo, I believe that Light would be going in between hell and heaven where they fight and where all the shinigamis are. Here’s why, in the opening it showed Light in that dimention of the shinigamis. Also if he didn’t go to hell or heaven, where else is there to go? Well, if you can’t go to one or the other you go in the middle, it’s like choosing in between something but you can’t decide so you just go in the middle. People are also saying that Light Yagami has a reincarnation that’s a shinigami which is the unamed shinigami in the ova, but that’s not what I’m talking about, maybe when Light dies he turns into a shinigami and is like any other one. Yeah this theory is really short but it’s better than nothing….. right?