Kenny V.S Levi, who would win?

        Okay so far in season 3, we’ve met the character, Kenny Ackerman. From what Levi’s told us, Kenny and him used to live together for a while. Levi has also mentioned that Kenny is far more darker and ”stronger” than him. But that doesn’t give the conclusion for him actually being stronger. If they had a fight, which they did.. well kinda, from just seeing how Levi can dodge and move swiftly with the mobility gear is impressive. And if you look at the gear Levi and the scouts use, they’re actually very heavy. They are made of steal and heavy material. Kenny uses some sort of gear that is sorta like the mobility gear but it’s way smaller.

         If Levi and Kenny got in a 1 on 1 fight without any of their squads or gangs, I believe that Levi would win. But I know it sounds crazy, because Levi uses swords and Kenny uses guns. Guns are meant to be faster than swords right? In the the 7th episode of season 3 you saw him kill three people in a flash and you couldn’t even see him move. Also in the 7th episode Levi and Kenny met again to fight for the second time, Levi got Kenny through the stomach and Kenny just left in pain. And if you watched them talking and shooting in the bar, Levi shot Kenny with a shot gun sending him through the doors. Even Kenny himself admitted that Levi got him good. These are the common reasons why I think Levi would win.