Who is smarter, L or Light?

         We know that Light and L are two very intelligent characters in the show that are enemies. So I’m here to tell you my thoughts of who I think is smarter. And I believe that L is smarter. So here’s why, L is the best investigator in the whole world, and he’s solved every mystery in the world. We know that L is trying to figure out who Kira is and bring him to justice. Light needs the name of the victim he’s after to kill that person, but no one knows what L’s name is, so that’s what he needs to figure out and kill before he gets caught and figured out.

          Before L went to meet the police officers he was trying to figure in which city Kira is in. And of course, Light killed whoever claimed themselves to be L, and that was showed in Tokyo. Making L believe that Kira lives in Tokyo. That’s just my second strongest piece of evidence. Light’s strongest showing of his abilities is that huge plan when he didn’t have his memory of the death note. If you don’t know what the plan is I suggest watching the show and getting a quick reminder, because I’m not going to explain it. Throughout the show when L and Light make their first encounter, L easily starts to get suspicious of Light and his percentage of Light being Kira keeps rising by his words and actions. Both Light and L do their best to outsmart each other to revealing themselves. Light’s huge final plan succeeded but this isn’t about who wins, in the end of the episode where L dies you see a timer that goes off at the place that L used to be at. And that’s why I think L is smarter because he already knew he was going to die and that Light Yagami was indeed Kira.