Every day in every class besides one, we have to seating charts and we know exactly where to sit. But in multimedia class we don’t have a seating chart or routine. It’s a creative class where you film and more. But it’s still a class where you have to listen to the teacher and follow directions. It’s not fun for the whole class to get consequences because one or two people are talking. The teacher gives us simple directions and the students find it so hard to not even speak or wait quietly. Here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t talk and should pay attention.

     Talking while the teacher is talking is very disrespectful to them, they can also take it personally. You may think that it’s okay to talk while the teacher is talking but, would you like it if someone else was talking over you? You being disrespectful and talking over them can get them frustrated and might even make you deal with something you wouldn’t want to.

     Talking during class or not doing your work can end up giving you a consequence or detention. Consequences can include, detention, privileges taken, referral and much more that you don’t want to go through. Not doing what you’re supposed to during class gets you in more trouble than you think.

     And my final reason, being a disruption to everybody around you. If you are playing games or talking to others, that can lead you and that person in trouble. Even though you started whatever you weren’t supposed to be doing, you and your friend will still get in minor trouble. By disrupting one person, you can also disrupt the whole class by your volume and how they’re having a hard time following directions.

     These are my three reasons of why it’s best for you to follow directions, and stay quiet during any class. If you end up with any of these problems then it could hurt you and personal education. And that’s why you should always stay on task and do what you need to.