Relationship between Mikasa and Eren

     So we all know the characters, Mikasa and Eren and that they have a strong connection in bond. Both Mikasa and Eren have strong personalities and differences. Let’s start with Mikasa, she likes Eren, as in more than a friend and it’s obvious, she shows many signs and emotion towards him. She always protects him with her life and strength, she would hurt anyone or anything to save him and keep him out of harm. And if you watched and finished season 2, Mikasa ‘confessed’ or is what everybody calls it, basically her thanking him for everything that he has done for her.

        Now, what about Eren? Okay, so let’s get straight to the point, Eren likes Mikasa but a lot of people are confused on if he likes her like she does. So I think that Eren does like Mikasa as more than a friend, here’s my proof and reasoning. Remember when Eren wrapped his scarf around Mikasa when they were kids? Well if you took a closer at Eren, he was blushing. And blushing can mean a lot of things like embarrassment or whatever, but why would he be embarrassed? And in the court scene, Eren was defending Mikasa with passion, I know you might think that he’s defending her because she’s a close friend of his but, he looked really angry at the people who were accusing her of being a monster. And Eren even took the blame on himself of being a monster than her rather being one.

     That’s why I think that Mikasa and Eren like each other as more than a friend.