Attack On Titan Theory #2

                        Kenny V.S Levi, who would win?

        Okay so far in season 3, we’ve met the character, Kenny Ackerman. From what Levi’s told us, Kenny and him used to live together for a while. Levi has also mentioned that Kenny is far more darker and ”stronger” than him. But that doesn’t give the conclusion for him actually being stronger. If they had a fight, which they did.. well kinda, from just seeing how Levi can dodge and move swiftly with the mobility gear is impressive. And if you look at the gear Levi and the scouts use, they’re actually very heavy. They are made of steal and heavy material. Kenny uses some sort of gear that is sorta like the mobility gear but it’s way smaller.

         If Levi and Kenny got in a 1 on 1 fight without any of their squads or gangs, I believe that Levi would win. But I know it sounds crazy, because Levi uses swords and Kenny uses guns. Guns are meant to be faster than swords right? In the the 7th episode of season 3 you saw him kill three people in a flash and you couldn’t even see him move. Also in the 7th episode Levi and Kenny met again to fight for the second time, Levi got Kenny through the stomach and Kenny just left in pain. And if you watched them talking and shooting in the bar, Levi shot Kenny with a shot gun sending him through the doors. Even Kenny himself admitted that Levi got him good. These are the common reasons why I think Levi would win.

Death Note Theory #1

                              Who is smarter, L or Light?

         We know that Light and L are two very intelligent characters in the show that are enemies. So I’m here to tell you my thoughts of who I think is smarter. And I believe that L is smarter. So here’s why, L is the best investigator in the whole world, and he’s solved every mystery in the world. We know that L is trying to figure out who Kira is and bring him to justice. Light needs the name of the victim he’s after to kill that person, but no one knows what L’s name is, so that’s what he needs to figure out and kill before he gets caught and figured out.


          Before L went to meet the police officers he was trying to figure in which city Kira is in. And of course, Light killed whoever claimed themselves to be L, and that was showed in Tokyo. Making L believe that Kira lives in Tokyo. That’s just my second strongest piece of evidence. Light’s strongest showing of his abilities is that huge plan when he didn’t have his memory of the death note. If you don’t know what the plan is I suggest watching the show and getting a quick reminder, because I’m not going to explain it. Throughout the show when L and Light make their first encounter, L easily starts to get suspicious of Light and his percentage of Light being Kira keeps rising by his words and actions. Both Light and L do their best to outsmart each other to revealing themselves. Light’s huge final plan succeeded but this isn’t about who wins, in the end of the episode where L dies you see a timer that goes off at the place that L used to be at. And that’s why I think L is smarter because he already knew he was going to die and that Light Yagami was indeed Kira.      

Attack on Titan Theory #1

         Relationship between Mikasa and Eren

     So we all know the characters, Mikasa and Eren and that they have a strong connection in bond. Both Mikasa and Eren have strong personalities and differences. Let’s start with Mikasa, she likes Eren, as in more than a friend and it’s obvious, she shows many signs and emotion towards him. She always protects him with her life and strength, she would hurt anyone or anything to save him and keep him out of harm. And if you watched and finished season 2, Mikasa ‘confessed’ or is what everybody calls it, basically her thanking him for everything that he has done for her.

        Now, what about Eren? Okay, so let’s get straight to the point, Eren likes Mikasa but a lot of people are confused on if he likes her like she does. So I think that Eren does like Mikasa as more than a friend, here’s my proof and reasoning. Remember when Eren wrapped his scarf around Mikasa when they were kids? Well if you took a closer at Eren, he was blushing. And blushing can mean a lot of things like embarrassment or whatever, but why would he be embarrassed? And in the court scene, Eren was defending Mikasa with passion, I know you might think that he’s defending her because she’s a close friend of his but, he looked really angry at the people who were accusing her of being a monster. And Eren even took the blame on himself of being a monster than her rather being one.

     That’s why I think that Mikasa and Eren like each other as more than a friend.




Why You Should Behave In Class

     Every day in every class besides one, we have to seating charts and we know exactly where to sit. But in multimedia class we don’t have a seating chart or routine. It’s a creative class where you film and more. But it’s still a class where you have to listen to the teacher and follow directions. It’s not fun for the whole class to get consequences because one or two people are talking. The teacher gives us simple directions and the students find it so hard to not even speak or wait quietly. Here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t talk and should pay attention.

     Talking while the teacher is talking is very disrespectful to them, they can also take it personally. You may think that it’s okay to talk while the teacher is talking but, would you like it if someone else was talking over you? You being disrespectful and talking over them can get them frustrated and might even make you deal with something you wouldn’t want to.

     Talking during class or not doing your work can end up giving you a consequence or detention. Consequences can include, detention, privileges taken, referral and much more that you don’t want to go through. Not doing what you’re supposed to during class gets you in more trouble than you think.

     And my final reason, being a disruption to everybody around you. If you are playing games or talking to others, that can lead you and that person in trouble. Even though you started whatever you weren’t supposed to be doing, you and your friend will still get in minor trouble. By disrupting one person, you can also disrupt the whole class by your volume and how they’re having a hard time following directions.

     These are my three reasons of why it’s best for you to follow directions, and stay quiet during any class. If you end up with any of these problems then it could hurt you and personal education. And that’s why you should always stay on task and do what you need to.